Custom Indoor Generators

Custom Indoor Generators are designed
for people with specific needs such as:

  • More Power
  • Match existing furniture
  • Fit in a specific place
  • Accommodate pure sine wave needs
  • Long Distance Shipping
  • A Transfer Switch


PowerHouse Systems
by Silent Standby Power Supply

Our PowerHouse systems can be designed to meet your power needs during power failures and to take advantage of multiple recharge options. While most assume that power outages are a rare event the truth is that in 2008 the majority were caused by faulty equipment, human error/ judgment or animals not major disasters. Power outages can and do affect all of us. A PowerHouse system will keep you and your loved ones prepared and safe should the power fail.

  • PowerHouse systems from 50000 W to 25000W / per leg (no maximum). PowerHouse systems may be used in commercial / industrial applications incl. 3-phase power if needed.
  • PowerHouse systems priced from $15,000 USD.
  • PowerHouse activates instantly powering designated
    rooms / your whole house or any application on a designated panel.
  • PowerHouse systems advanced recharge options allow for multiple recharge options to be programmed into one system and offer the opportunity to sell power back to your utility company.
  • Renewable Energy / Energy Efficiency Rebates / Tax Credits may apply for all/part of the system.
  • PowerHouse systems require state licensed electric/ CV contractors.

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